About Us

Korean skincare method and products have been known for centuries.  The method's effectiveness relies on the use of various ingredients targeting a specific skin need, and the sequence in which they are applied.  Today there are many Korean products and systems on the market that show excellent results, but our team of scientists thought the perfect skincare system was not yet on the market.

äkwä is the result of almost a decade of constant research and development at our laboratories in Sandy, Utah.  Our scientists believed that studying all existing products on the market, studying all skin types, and improving product performance while using only natural ingredients was the key to success.  Our parent company 4Life® invested millions of dollars to this quest and included their patented Transfer Factor in our products to ensure äKwä resulted in what we believe is the very best skin healthcare system available on the planet.  We are proud to bring you the skincare regimen that will be love at first use.  Welcome to your new skin.  Welcome to äKwä.